Friday, November 24, 2017

When I First Learnt How To Ride A Bike

               When I First Learnt How To Ride A Bike:
"Owwww" I said when my bike fell on my tiny toe. I was learning how to ride my bike in the driveway with my mum. We had taken off my training wheels at the age of six. As I tried peddling down the driveway my mum got a call from inside. While she was talking on the phone I was peddling! But I lost control and rode into the garage door. As tears were prickling down my cheeks, my mum came outside and said that we can end it for the day. 

                                   The moral of the story:
If you don't know how to ride a bike, never ride unsupervised.

Unfortunately I had to learn that the hard way. :(   

Thursday, November 9, 2017


                                📚My PBL🐜
  Above is my ant and book for my PBL. My ant was a pretty hard challenge for me, mostly putting on the paper mache, witch was FRUSTRATING😠          
Apart from that it was really fun and I wish I could do it again.
In my booklet I put in my Report Writing and Acrostic Poem
I also made picture on the back and it has a talking ant. (Don't judge me). A muscle I stretched was my interdependence muscle and I did that by working away from friends (well, some of the time). If I could do it again I would focus more and get it finished. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Siapo Art Reflection

The Forgotten Island

pic7.JPGForest Images for Writing
Learning Intention: We are learning to be Resourceful by Capitalising and making good use of the things that are available for us to use in the classroom to help us with our learning.

Paired/Individual Writing

How: Choose a buddy to write with or work by yourself.


  • I support the main ideas with enough detail to give the reader a clear and engaging picture.

  • I write sentences that mostly make sense.

  • I use language features to extend or clarify meaning and engage the audience.
    • Similes
    • Metaphor
    • Personification
    • Onomatopeia

The smooth, strong breeze of the helicopter made my hair stick up like a black cliff slope. Jim grabbed all his ammo and the emergency kit, just in case. “Soldier! Load the cannons! We ain't got all day , so hurry up!” demanded the General. “Yes Sir!” Jim called. As I was heading to the helicopter site,there was a sudden sight that made everyone stop dead.

“What is that?!?” One of the pilots asked, shivering at the sight. The thing was staggering around, looking for food.“Some sort of… Tree Monster?” Replied Jim, aiming his shotgun at it. “Shall we fire, Sir?” Jim asked the general. “Hold it. Wait until my signal.” He whispered. “ROAR” The Tree monster screamed, While running towards us, swinging its arms like crazy. “NOW!!!!!” Cried the General. The giant tree thing stampeded across our base while destroying everything in its way. “RUN!!!!!!” Jim screamed at the top of his lungs.

People ran in all directions, Calling for their Mummys and Daddys (Not really. He’s just targeting the annoying people). The Tree was gaining on me, and it was MAD! (I have no idea why). Before I knew it, I never made it out of the base.   
“Oh... Crud.” Jim said, while being picked up by the tree.                    
               The Forgotten Island
                The Plane Crash
“Whoah…. This is view is great!” I said, admiring America’s water. “Wait, there’s a mysterious looking island with a…foggy barricade?!?” replied Zac, my older brother. It was Me (Mike), My brother Zack, My stepdad Jak, Cousin Gray and My Uncle T were on a airplane, heading towards north America because of a cousin's suicide attempt.

“Attention passengers, we are approaching America so buckle up, ‘cause we're coming in hot!” said the pilot over the intercom. As I clicked my strap in, the alarm started buzzing off. “Why is the alarm going off!” screamed Gray, who was terrified. “Make your way to the emergency door! There are plenty of parachutes so GO NOW!” ordered the pilot. “Hey! There are no chutes left!” Said Uncle T, while checking just in case. “WHAT!!!!!” us kids screamed, before crashing into an island.
                                             An Adventure
I woke up, lying on the sandy shoreline of a mysterious island while gazing for my family. “Mike! Are you alright?” Called Dad
“Yeah! Just bruised and cut.” I replied, jogging to everyone else.
“Zac! Zac! Are you alright?” I asked him. “All good. I know that everyone else is to.” He said. “What about the Pilot? Is he okay?” I Replied curiously. “Wait what? He jumped, remember?” Zac said, Shocked. “No, I saw him in the front seat while the co-pilot jumped, and then we crashed.” I replied, while Zac was staring at me like an alien cockroach from Mars. We all got together and tried to figure out where we are. “Maybe this is a dream?” asked Gray. “Stab yourself to find out!” Zac said, sarcastically. “Hey! No fighting! We need to wander around and build a shelter! Now!” screamed dad. Neither of us said a word after that (#Awkward Silence).


Friday, May 26, 2017

Thank You Mr Ford!

Nikau Hub
Parkvale School
Howard Street
May 23, 2017

Dear Mr Ford,
Thank you for giving up a week of travelling with your family to come to camp so you could help Nikau learn more about the environment. It was cool when we saw you again. Thank you SO MUCH for making the sentence game.
I enjoyed the walk to Lou’s Lookout because we got the chance to see a very little amount of glowworms, while the great view on the Lou’s Lookout platform was very high and misty. The only downside was the big holes on the side’s. It FREAKED me out!!!(Kind of)
Something else fun was the caving because some were very challenging, like bat poo alley where we had to shimmy across the very TINY gap, and it was HARD! In the end I could not do it (don’t Judge me). Hey, at least I tried.
The last exciting bit was the sentenced hunt because it was fun looking for an white arrow with a word on it. I forgot what it said but just to make it clear, it was yours that you made and it was about Michael Noonan. It was awesome when we went through the bushes and I tripped over a twig. (WOW) Thank you for making this awesome challenge and I’m sure we all enjoyed it.
Fun fact: The Maori who shot Michael Noonan were well hidden and camouflaged, allowing them to shoot poor Michael, not knowing he made it. He is said to be wandering around Camp Kaitawa headless, while brushing campers on their shoulders, looking for the Captain. If he thinks he has found the Captain he will place a note next to that person and leave camp.
Once again thank you for coming to camp so you could help us do Fun activities and hikes.

Yours sincerely,

Jaedyon Coombs